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Union Ironworkers Get the Job Done Right - (4/23/2018)

For Immediate Release

Harrisburg, PA – Union Ironworkers, the skilled tradesmen who get the job done right on various construction sites throughout Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania, want to share the many benefits their skills and experience afford those looking for safe and productive projects. 

“When we say, we get the job done right, we aren’t just focused on the project.  Our training emphasizes safety and productivity on the job site, but it is so much more,” said Kerry Zettlemoyer, business manager for Ironworkers Local No. 404.  “Our program goes beyond the project and into the job trailer.  Trainers emphasize the impact job site decisions have on the bottom line for owners and contractors as well as the ramifications of not completing our tasks.”

Completing a construction project safely and on time provides business benefits for owners such as reduced project costs and decreased insurance premiums. Additionally, due to an able workforce, Ironworkers typically improve project schedules and productivity. From the contractor perspective, a relationship with union Ironworkers includes various business advantages including no benefit administration costs, lower crew turnover, and savings as a result of a more productive workforce. 

The Ironworker apprenticeship program consists of a minimum of 600 hours of training and focuses on skills such as welding and torch cutting, rigging, tying rebar and ornamental window assembly.  In addition to these skills, training includes safety programs and the latest OSHA and MSHA regulated steel erection standards that serve as the catalyst for success.

To remain as productive as possible, union Ironworkers also maintain a national substance abuse program – one of only two trade unions who offer such a program.  The program provides testing and treatment, if necessary.  

Union Ironworkers are focused on enhancing work opportunities and increasing the bottom line for contractors. To learn more, visit our partner page.

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